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Game of Homes

Lentot aōhon geron rhaenās.

Choose a character.

Choose another.

Choose a weather pattern.

  • Snow

  • Storms

  • Mist

  • Mild warmth

  • Sleet

  • Humidity

  • Sunny

  • Desert-like heat

  • Fog

  • Clouds

  • Haze

  • Rain

Complete the phrase:

OMG, I love...

  • doing what I want!

  • cuddling puppies.

  • biking through beautiful hillsides.

  • crabbing on the weekends.

  • being different from the norm.

  • whiskey on the rocks.

  • discovering a new shop.

  • staring at the sky.

  • sitting by the fire.

  • balancing my checkbook.

  • swimming.

  • stopping to smell the roses.

Choose a plant.

Which cat do you catch?

Choose a sport, sport.

  • Snowboarding

  • Wrestling

  • Sky Diving

  • Curling

  • Kayaking

  • Fencing

  • Equestrian

  • Gymnastics

  • Hiking

  • Boxing

  • Stand-up Paddle Boarding

  • Martial Arts

Choose a geographic feature.

  • Forests

  • Bays

  • Rivers

  • Plains

  • Glaciers

  • Cities, I hate nature.

  • Fields

  • Deserts

  • Mountains

  • Volcanos

  • Hills

  • Oceans

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The Wall - Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley lies beyond the wall of fog that separates the San Francisco peninsula from the South Bay. The “kings” beyond the Wall, like those in Silicon Valley, are the type of people who make their own rules, have libertarian values, and don’t answer to tradition. You enjoy the isolation and shirking normal social engagements, so being away from the hub-bub of San Francisco your ideal.

Winterfell - Mission

Like the Northmen, the Mission’s current inhabitants love beards, craft ales, and canines. They worship the “old gods” of vintage and artisan, tend to be counterculture, and are obsessed with change and the weather. You also love tradition, but ponder about new possibilities and change, and the Mission will provide constant new juxtapositions for you to mull over.

Pyke - Sunset

Like the Ironborn, the people of the Outer Sunset are a distinct, tight-knit community that worships the salty sea. The Outer Sunset’s leathery surf culture, weathered architecture, and independent spirit all correspond well with the characteristics of the Ironborn. You're also obsessed with the ocean and rainy fog offshore, all of which the Sunset will provide.

Riverrun - Golden Gate Park

Situated in the middle of Westeros, the Riverlands serve as a borderland between several strong kingdoms, whereas Golden Gate Park borders the Richmond, Sunset, and Haight. Both are lush areas of fertile land veined with bodies of freshwater. You thrive on being near greenery and fresh running streams, so living anywhere near Golden Gate Park is a must for you.

Eyrie - Twin Peaks

The Eyrie is an impenetrable landmark of a castle atop one of the highest peaks in the Vale, so the San Francisco equivalent is also one of the highest points, Twin Peaks, with its own notable local landmark nearby, Sutro Tower. You love mountains, high places, and pretending to touch the sky, and you'll love living in Twin Peaks.

Dragonstone - SOMA

If Beyond the Wall is Silicon Valley, the other disrupting force in the city hails from SOMA, or our equivalent to Dragonstone, which was once a volcano. Stannis Baratheon is the most notable Westerosi pioneer of a strange yet powerful new religion, just as SOMA is the city’s hotbed of innovation and new wealth. You love fiery locales like volcanos, and are ready for that hotbed to explode - living in SOMA will allow you to see it all first hand.

Casterly Rock - Financial District

Casterly Rock sits atop a hill and gold mine, and is the seat of wealthy House Lannister. Similarly, the Financial District is surrounded by hills and is where all of the banks are. If FiDi is Casterly Rock, then the Embarcadero is the bustling harbor of Lannisport, specializing in the trade of luxury wares. You love sitting atop a tall hill, wealth, and being around money, so stick around the Financial District.

Civic Center / Tenderloin - King's Landing

King’s Landing features the ruling palaces in the middle, surrounded by juxtapositions of affluence and poverty. The natural counterpart here in San Francisco is the Civic Center, with its gilded City Hall and several grand theaters, all situated around two large plazas. Similar to King’s Landing, the Civic Center is currently characterized by new Mid-Market wealth butting heads with the Tenderloin’s Flea Bottom. You love the stink of the city and revel in urbanity, so why not live right in the middle of it?

Storm's End - Presidio

Storm’s End, the seat of House Baratheon, is a mighty fortress on a seaward cliff, so our equivalent is the Presidio, which was historically fortified and home to many now-defunct military bases. Much like the Presidio and neighboring Sea Cliff and Lands End, the Stormlands are rugged, beautifully forested, and often shrouded in fog. You enjoy the stormy weather along the coast and being at the edge of the bay - the Presidio is for you.

Highgarden - Castro

Like Highgarden, the Castro is colorful, flamboyant, romantic, and stylish. Highgarden is ruled by House Tyrell, which includes the beautiful Ser Loras, whose late lover Renly Baratheon was attended by his own order of knights known as the Rainbow Guard; the fashionable Lady Margaery, Renly’s former “fruit fly”; and the sassy Lady Olenna, Westeros’ best answer to a Golden Girl. You love beautiful things, gilded and shiny, so live in the Castro, where you'll always find them.

Dorne - Dogpatch

Like Dogpatch, Dorne is an isolated region of Westeros, separated from the rest of the continent by a set of hills. Both are bordered by sea, known for sunny, dry climates. Dorne is culturally similar to the Free Cities of Essos, and Dogpatch shares the industrial past, warehouse culture, and creative vibe of Oakland. Dorne is also well known for its wine production, and likewise, wineries are popping up all over Dogpatch lately. Dogpatch is one of the few places in San Francisco where you'll get consistently warmer weather and a unique vibe akin to Oakland, which is just what the doctor ordered (for you).

Essos - Oakland

Essos is across the Narrow Sea from Westeros, and the East Bay lies beyond the Narrow Bay from San Francisco. Just as Daenerys Targaryen sweeps through Essos, bestowing peace with her melting-pot army and trio of dragons, the East Bay is up-and-coming, diverse, chaotic, and vibrant. And, of course, the East Bay is also known for its growing array of artists, musicians, free spirits, and fire-breathing creatures. It's hot and sprawling in Oakland, divergent from San Francisco, and that's just what you like.

Inspired by and borrowed from The Bold Italic article, Game of Thrones Lands as SF Neighborhoods.